Therapeutic Bodywork

House calls.

Bring Thai Massage to your home.

Travel fee:

Read the descriptions below to determine the travel fee.

Regular fee

If you don't live right next to a subway station in Manhattan, the travel fee is $100 added to the bodywork. If you live somewhere that requires you to take a bus and a train to get to Times Square, the appropriate fee for your location is $150. If you have a mat that is suitable for me to render your treatment, I will reduce the outcall fee accordingly.


choose XL for out of the way places

Consider the fact that I am bringing the neccesary equipment and navigating public transit to a location that is my first time. If you would be taking multiple modes of transport to get to Times Square from where you are, the travel fee is $150


Eazy travel fee

If you live right next to the subway station in Manhattan AND you have your own Thai Massage mat I will do the house call for $75 plus the regular appointment time for bodywork. This is a reduced fee for those who have thier own gear and are easy to get to.


Proper Gear:

If you have your own Thai Massage Mat I would be delighted to reduce the travel fee. I do not work on massage tables. Click the cheeky icon below for more information on what we need to provide the best benefit.




The calendar is "read only"

Famous for making it feasible for a small businesses to provide you with the option of paying with a credit card.
I advise you to email me if you have any question about time frames and availability
Add your details regarding location and make sure your contact information makes you accessible for planning.
All fees will be promptly refunded as long as 24 hours prior notice is afforded.